Big Island

The map has different markers labeled with a number that corresponds to different trailheads. Hikes in RED text are illegal/closed and hikes in BLUE require permits, hikes in BOLD have a link to the story. If the trail name does not have a link, I have not yet written about it…stay tuned!


1.  Shipman’s Beach (Ha’ena Beach)

2.  Hike to flowing lava  via coastline

3. Volcano National Park

        a.  kilawea iki

        b. Napau trail to Naulu trail

        c. Mauna Loa Backpacking

4. Ka’alu’alu Bay to Kamilo Beach

5. Mauna Loa Summit – day hike

6. Pu’u O’o Trail

7. Captain Cook Monument

8. Mauna Kea

          a.  Humu’ula Trail (Hike to Summit)

          b. Lake Waiua

          c. Cinder Cone Hole

9. Waipio Valley

          a.  Hi’ilawe Falls

          b. Mauliwai Trail (Waimanu Trail)

          c. Nanue Falls

10. Waipio Valley Rim (White Road hike)

11. Pololu valley

12. Kalopa Park

13. Pu’u Wa’awa’a

14. Green Sands

15. Mo’okini Heiau & birthplace of Kamehameha the Great


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