Manoa Falls Hike, Oahu HI

Overview: This short hike will take you to 100ft Manoa Falls. The trail can be quite muddy, so make sure to wear proper shoes (you will be sorry if you wear flip flops, because your toes will easily slip around once they get muddy.

Several scenes from the TV show LOST were filmed here, as was parts of Jurassic Park (you can see posters in the building with bathrooms and food service).

Unfortunately, you cannot swim in the pool at the base of the waterfall, but the view alone justifies the easy hike.

Tips: Parking costs $5 at the parking lot, or you can take the #5 bus which stops just before the entrance, on the residential streets. You can also park on the residential streets and walk about 1/4 a mile in.


Basically all you need to know about this hike is on that site!

Additional info:

Length: about 2 miles round trip
Elevation Gain: ~450 feet

Here is the trail map

Here is the trail map

Here are some photos from it.


Here is the official trail head. you have to park below and follow a road up until you get here


Remember…This trail gets muddy!

beautiful view of the falls

                           1012616_10151686797267247_584295919_n           8567_10151686797682247_260476794_n

Near the end, we wash our legs in the river!


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