Mud Lane / Upper Hi’ilawe Falls – Waimea, HI

Note: I have researched this many times but I am unable to find whether or not you need a permit for this hike. We had no problems along the way. If you know the answer to this please leave a comment below! Thanks!

Mud lane is a fantastic waterfall hike especially if you catch it on a sunny day! You can even swim in the pools if the water is not too strong.

To get to Mud lane simply turn off the Mamalahoa highway at the turn opposite of the Old Mamalahoa highway. Shown below.


The first part of the road will be paved and as you continue, you come to a point where it turns into gravel, keep going straight, down the gravel road.  The road is somewhat maintained and our Honda civic was able to make it down for as far as we went, so most cars can probably make it, although I would be extremely cautious in certain areas.

After about a mile down the gravel you will come to a gate to the left with a small space where a couple of cars can park. This is where the adventure begins!


Make sure to bring plenty of water, snacks, and rain gear on this ~3.3 mile hike (round trip)!
Here is the trail we took.


Th click for a larger image


The whole hike is on a gravel trail with a couple stream crossings. We went during the rainy season and did not have problems with this. expect to get your feet wet though, some of the streams you can jump over and not get wet but others we really had no choice but to just walk through. At most they were about a foot deep.

There are also many puddles that you curve around, we had no problems staying dry with these, we also didn’t get muddy contrary to how the trail looks!


eventually the trail begins to turn to the right and can hear the sound of rushing water! To the left you will see a small stairway that will take you to the first, smaller waterfall. We crossed this for fun 🙂

1922511_10152297529142247_1089463600_n 10007520_10152297529217247_1445206991_n

If you go back up the stairway and continue down the trail you will see a wonderful outhouse on the right and eventually to the left you will see a picnic bench where you can view the larger fall and can also hike down to the pool below. Perfect spot for a picnic! We did not swim in the pool this day due to the rainy weather and since it had been raining a lot recently the waters were flowing a bit hard for comfort.


Don’t forget your rain gear!


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