Olomana 3 Peaks, Oahu, HI

Lets start off by saying this is by far the most dangerous hike on Oahu that is open to the public. With steep cliffs, narrow paths, and a bit of rock climbing this hike will test even the most experienced hikers, especially on peak 3. Getting to peaks 1 & 2 are pretty easy, a steep climb, but not dangerous. Going down peak 2 and going up peak 3 look a bit nerve racking though. I didn’t attempt this part due to
1. I had not slept the night before
2. I did not eat much
3. I was dehydrated and did not have enough water
do very much regret not having the experience of at least trying to get to peak 3, but hopefully I will have the chance to try it in the future. Remember to sleep, eat, and drink water! 🙂

water! (not beer) 🙂

The hike starts outside of the Luana Hills Golf Course, unless you have a membership, you will need to park outside of it. Walk down the path a bit and you will run into the guard at the gate. He will tell you some info about the hike and let you on your way. Keep walking down the road and you will eventually see a sign to the left for the trailhead.

The start of the hike is through a jungle-like atmosphere. The humidity really sucks at this part. keep going and you will begin your long steep hike up to peak one. Due to the lack of sleep,food, and water, I took many, many breaks on the way up. I felt sort of bad for my hiking partners 😛 As you are going up you get glimpses of the amazing views you will experience at the top.

Near the end of peak one you must climb up this large wall. If you aren’t much of a rock climber there are ropes you can rely on (at your own risk). After this you walk a bit more and you are at the peak! WOW!

This is a great place to rest a recover before going on to peak 2. Many people stop at peak 1 but honestly you might as well go to peak 2, it really feels like nothing compared to the first peak. There were a couple spots that looked a bit dangerous but nothing I wouldn’t do on a calm sunny day.

To the left is peak 2 and to the right is peak 3 as seen from peak 1

At the top of peak 2 you get more great views of Oahu but the best of all is the view of peak 3! If you are lucky you may be able to see someone attempting the great beast! Seeing someone else climbing up really gives you a perspective of how difficult it is.

Peak 3!

If you do go on to peak 3 be aware that you must rope climb down peak two. Just make sure to test those unmaintained ropes before you do! Don’t forget your gloves for this! Its almost a completely vertical drop so be careful! peak 3 has an extremely narrow path and about another 15 feet of rope climbing on it. I’ve also heard it’s possible, if you take your own ropes, you can continue on down past peak 3 and continue into a neighborhood and just drive back to your first car. Don’t quote me on this though!

Me pretending to go down peak 2 🙂

overall this is a fun, challenging, and dangerous hike that is worth every minute and bead of sweat. Enjoy the views!


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