Pololu Hike #1 – Kohala Coast, Hawaii

This hike started at the end of the Kohala coast road at the Pololu Valley trailhead. Many tourists stop here at the trailhead for the beautiful views.

At the trailhead

We went over and down the first ridge and came back up for a total of about 5 miles.The trail begins with a steep decline and takes about 3/4 of a mile to get to the beach area. This is (apparently) a great place to camp but might be slightly illegal. If you continue walkingalong the beach you’ll find the trail beginning to incline towards the ridge. It wasn’t too steep but quite a workout!

beach area

soon we made it to the top of the ridge which is one of the most gorgeous views on this island!
there is even a bench for you to sit, rest, and take it all in.

amazing view from uptop the ridge

If you continue down the trail a bit you will come across a steep decline again. This one, having a much
larger change in elevation, has ropes for you to climb down. Do not be nervous! This was THE BEST part
of the hike by far, also was easy peasy.

ropes to climb up and down

Once you get back to the flat part of the trail you come upon the bamboo trees, I always love walking through these 🙂
After the bamboo part you come across a small stream which leads out to the ocean.
We played out on the rocks a bit and decided to head back.


Make sure to keep an eye out for lilikoi and guava above! They make a tasty hiking treat!

End of the hike picture! We were much sweatier than this picture depicts.


our GPS from hiking



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