Shipman’s Beach, HPP Hawaii

My favorite beach hike on the Island! Why? because it’s a white sand beach near Hilo! I mean.. Just look at it!


Well, it’s also because there are almost no waves and I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to water. But who needs waves when you can walk out in the ocean, get a nice tan, and sip on a cold brew without getting salt water in it! 🙂

The Trailhead starts at the end of Beach Road in HPP. Here is a little map below: (Thanks google maps!)


take the keeau-pahoa rd down to HPP area. Turn left on kaloli and take that all the way down. Take a left at the end of the road and you will be on beach rd. Take this all the way down and you will find the parking lot.

1231636_10151846215842247_1557451437_n(picture shows one way mileage)

The trip is about 5 miles roundtrip and is a flat-ish hike the whole way. The trail can get a bit muddy though! Luckily there are little side trails that go around big mud puddles. Many people have said “always take the Mauka trail!” honestly it would be pretty hard to get lost on this trail. There are a few large trails that go out to lookout at the ocean, but if there is no sand just keep going straight and do not follow the coast!

1237074_10103572509199860_1308299239_n(a great dipiction of how much mud is on the trail…this is me trying to lug a cooler with wheels…bad idea. I ditched it at about mile 1.5 and came back for it after 🙂 oh well…i tried! )

I love this trail because most of it is through the beautiful forest. It used to be a road a while back which explains the flipped and rotting cars along the trail.  sometimes it can get buggy but I didn’t get too many mosquito bites the couple times I’ve gone.  look for guava near the beginning of the trail!

once you get to the nene reservation sign keep going straight, you are close to the beach! The first time I went here I was lucky and we had the whole beach to ourselves. The next time it was pretty packed (not in the water though!). If it is a sunny weekend expect lots of people. Weekdays you will have it all to yourself!


There are many sea turtles and nene geese on this beach!


The house behind the beach belongs to the Shipman family and is private property, please be respectful!
Pack out what you packed in and be prepared for no restrooms 😉


Happy Hiking and Beach Bumming!


4 thoughts on “Shipman’s Beach, HPP Hawaii

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  2. living on beach road for many years ive had the luxury of knowing this coast very well..Paki Bay about half way to shipman beach has some very nice tide pools if you can find them..there are old carvings on the reef with hawaiian names spelled in english carved into the rocks dating back to the 1840’s..from this bay when you get back on the trail follow the old county road and you will know when you are close to shipman beach by an old concrete war bunker complete with mounting brackets for a machine gun still intact..take plenty mosquito repellent..

  3. My roommate and I tried to go to Shipman’s this past weekend and there were so many trees down on the trail, we had to turn around about 3/4th’s of the way in. If we didn’t have the dogs, we might have tried to go along the coast instead.

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